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Available formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardback

World War One Thomas Middleton decides to enlist in the Army upon hearing of the sinking of the Lusitania. 

Expecting to be sent to the battlefields of France, Tom, and his new friends are catapulted into the heat and dust of garrison duty in Egypt. A country where disease is rampant, debauchery just around the corner and death hides in plain sight.

What he discovers on his journey is the welcome world of men, and the strict regime of military life is not everything. Amid this turmoil, he meets a fiery young nurse, Ella Mercy, who helps him come to terms with the death of a friend and shows him what love is.

As the eve of the third battle for Gaza looms, Tom and Ella are torn apart by the rigid rules and a hidden secret.

Will their love survive the desert storm that is about to hit them, will they be together at the end?

A Fearsome Engine


Avaliable formats: eBook, Paperback

Includes stories by the following Northern Beaches Writers' Group authors: Bronwen Bowden, Alexandra Cain, Harriet Cunningham, Chris Foster, J E Gaulton, Suzi Green, Carl Holm, Rodney Jensen, A R Kelly, P J Keuning, Chris Lake, Tony McFadden, Mijmark, Andrew Mills, Judith O'Connor, Kylie Pfeiffer, Gill Schierhout, Zena Shapter, Susan Steggall and Sonia Zadro.

Who is the master and who the machine? This collection of twenty stories by the Northern Beaches Writers' Group explores this question with horror, humour, pathos and philosophy. Whether it be in our own place and time, far in the future, the past, or in a universe of their own making, our authors grapple with the interface between humanity and its machines. Are the things we make ours to command? Will they always be? And who, exactly, is making whom?



A Novella written by the members of the Port Macquarie Hastings Fellowship of Australian Writers – not as a collaboration, but as individuals who were used to pen the story on behalf of the characters, one chapter at a time using their skill to focus on the characters’ influence from which to tell the story!

A fracture is a clear break or any loss of continuity. The crack can be barely recognizable or a shattering into a dozen pieces. Emily’s experience teaches her about it in spades.

Her family break spirals and twists and when she is crushed by her romantic relationship with Don, what will become of her choice to realise her dream? Appearances are paramount to her as an enabler to stay focussed on skilling herself towards independency.

But who can she really trust? And who is buried in her backyard?


The Criteria:

  • Location/Place: Forest

  • Timeframe/Date: 2005

  • Object: Spectre

  • Word: Consequence

  • Sense: Touch


These short stories and poems were written by members of the Port Macquarie Hastings Fellowship of Australian Writers .


The stories could be in any genre, with a length from 500 to 3000 words; the poems had to be at least 40 lines; the only requirement was that they had to include all five of the criteria above. 


And this anthology has been created to showcase their stories, enjoy.


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